Nail Services

Gel or Acrylic Nail Extensions

We offer two different systems in extensions, liquid gel and acrylic.

They are both the same in strength however most of our clients opt for the liquid gel as they are much better for your natural nail. Reason being, the liquid gel is full of elasticity allowing your natural nail to flex and breathe. They are also not as thick as an acrylic nail.

Gel Overlay

Gel overlay offers an alternative to an extension or just a gel polish.

The liquid gel can be applied over your natural nail giving you extra strength before applying the gel colour.

Gel Polish

Gel polish is great for you if you suffer from splitting or peeling nails. 

No more smudges or chips from nail polish, its quick and easy and can last up to 4 weeks if looked after.

Nail Art

Nail art comes in all forms whether its a simple decal or a hand drawn design.

It can be added to a natural nail or an extension and is usually priced on application.

Express Pedicure

Express Pedi’s are fabulous for removing excess skin and unwanted cracked heels!

This one hour treatment gives an intense clean and removes unwanted hard skin that can make your feet uncomfortable.

It also includes a fresh gel polish which finishes off the look!

Toe Nail Reconstruction

There are many of you out there that hide your feet due to unsightly toe nails.

This can be simply rectified by our toe nail reconstruction.

Please contact us for further information.

Gel Toes

Gel toes can transform your feet and can last for up to 6 weeks before reapplication.

Swarovski Toes

Why not treat yourself to luxurious toes with our Swarovski crystals! They come in all shapes and sizes and of course all colours!